• 29 augusti 2022
  • Nyhet

How does your company ensure value creation in volatile markets?

The aftermath of the corona pandemic, uncertainty in the world, and rising inflation are putting pressure on many growth companies and their share prices.

Our study of listed companies on Small Cap and First North (Nasdaq Stockholm), where 7 out of 10 have a warrant program, shows that 72% of all option schemes with exercise in 2022 are underwater (strike price 14th of Aug. 2022).

In the light of this, companies take the opportunity to examine best practice in terms of incentive programs, moving away from option logics. This to impose downside protection given increased volatility on the market.

Novare Pay Consulting help you to establish a clear connection between long-term incentives and total remuneration with focus on attraction and retention of key employees and to drive performance.

• Strategy and processes for communication in terms of incentive value depending on the company´s situation.
• Evaluation of current incentive structure to modify the compensation package with the aim of reducing risk.
• Developing a tailored compensation framework to improve the Employer Value Proposition.

For questions, please contact:
Sanna Westerberg
+46 70 528 66 18

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