• 9 December 2022
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Leadership Academy

Novare Leadership Academy, together with 40 senior leaders from different organisations such as Länsförsäkringar, Stora Enso, Atlas Copco, Sweco, went on a learning tour together to see the developments and innovations that are taking place in northern Sweden right now. That we are in a massive need for new ways of running our societies and civilizations has hopefully not escaped anyone. We wanted to see first-hand what the buzz is about and understand the challenges and opportunities ahead.



In order to slow climate change and reach the UN’s global climate goals, a change is required. The development in the north of Sweden is crucial for the green transition. Vast opportunities for both investors and people..

We got an exclusive look into many of the innovations that are decarbonising the “impossible to decarbonise” industries. Speakers representing LKAB, Fertiberia, SSAB, H2 Green Steel, and Northvolt joined us to talk about why they chose the north of Sweden for developing their new technologies to decarbonize their operations. 


Sustainable Space Technology – Swedish Space Corporation

Swedish Space Corporation provides world-class space services to commercial and institutional customers around the globe. Esrange Space Center is Sweden’s only rocket range and research centre, owned by the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC). The centre is located in the very north of Sweden, above the Arctic Circle (68°N, 21°E) and has access to a vast, unpopulated impact and recovery area. Linda Lyckman, Head of Business & Technology Innovation at Esrange, showed us around the sites and explained their projects that also is a key in the developments of a more sustainable world; Navigation, Communication and Earth Observation.


Green Transition – Green Steel – Hybrit

The steel production as about 10% globally CO2 emissions, so an important step to reduce the world’s total emissions. HYBRIT is a collaboration between SSAB, SKAB and Vattenfall. Many thanks Åsa Bäcklin, who was our guide.

Kiruna & The Great Move

About 150 km above the Arctic Circle you will find the Swedish town of Kiruna. Kiruna is mainly known for mining and for several years also as ‘the Swedish city in Lapland that has to move 4 kilometers. An entire municipality that moves a few kilometers, it doesn’t happen every day. The move is necessary for the further mining of the iron ore, which threatens to sink the city.


We got the opportunity to see the LKAB mine in Kiruna, the world’s largest underground iron ore mine. Our Novare-group ventured into the heart of the mountain, descending 540 meters below ground to LKAB‘s Visitor Centre. The actual mining takes place even deeper today, down to a level of 1365 meters. Challenges in building infrastructure and societies that has a cultural and supply


A smaller group of nature lovers continued our trip to Tarfala research station to climbe Kebnekaise. An adventure that we’ll remember for many years to come! At Novare Leadership Academy, we strive to include unique experiences in our business travels and this time we did not only get a unique nature experience, but also got to see first-hand how climate changes has impacted our glacier and everything around this. Kebnekaise’s south peak has decreased by 24 meters in the last 50 years, a negative trend that seems to continue day by day. During our Kebnekaise adventure, we also gained new perspectives of ourselves, our leadership and self-image when being challenged mentally and physically in harsh conditions.

Thanks to all participants and organisations for making this an unforgettable experience!

The Novare North Innovation Tour will be part of our Novare Executive Program 2023. Read more about the program here and contact us for additional information or questions.

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Novare Executive Program
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