Novare North Innovation Tour

A significant part of the program takes place in northern Sweden – known as “Sweden’s Silicon Valley” – where we’ll have the opportunity to experience and learn from the green transition taking place in the region. The transition in northern Sweden is one of the driving forces behind Europe’s sustainable transformation. It’s a unique position from which all leaders can draw lessons and actively contribute to.

Novare North Innovation Tour

The trip includes

We are traveling to northern Sweden where we will study first-hand the sustainable transformation taking place in the region. We at Novare Leadership Academy are conducting this unique journey for the fourth year in a row, and have the opportunity to offer a unique insight into the journey of change that is going on here in full force. You will also build a valuable network with other experienced leaders who share the ambition to actively contribute to the sustainable transition.

As a participant, you will have access to enriching company visits and meetings with local leaders, experts and residents from both business and society. Our primary destinations are Kiruna, Luleå and Skellefteå. As a bonus, you also get to experience the beautiful surroundings of Norrland and magnificent nature experiences.

4 days
59 000 SEK ex. VAT
In the North of Sweden
11-14 March 2025

The green transition is happening right now

Over four filled days, we will have the opportunity to see how companies, academia, and society collaborate to create new innovative solutions – and the challenges they face. Major issues on the agenda include reducing climate impact from industries, the need for green energy, biodiversity, attracting personnel with relevant expertise, cross-sector collaborations, and balancing future-proofing industries while preserving nature and historical values.

As a participant, you will have access to valuable company visits and meetings with local leaders, experts, and residents from both the business world and the community. Our primary destinations are Kiruna, Luleå, and Skellefteå. As a bonus, you’ll also experience the beautiful winter land surroundings and magnificent nature of Northern Sweden.

A glimpse of what you are about to experience

The development in northern Sweden is crucial for the green transition that needs to take place to slow down climate change and achieve the UN’s global climate goals. The development also presents great opportunities for both investors and people.

A selection of company visits

Here are some of the companies and municipalities we visit during the Novare North Innovation Tour. Companies that all push and enable the green transition that is happening in Northern Sweden right now.

Read about the experiences of previous participants

The Novare North Innovation tour offered unforgettable and enlightening encounters and experiences. I was impressed by all the energy, expertise, and determination dedicated to the green transition.
Åsa Steholt Vernerson

Koncernchef Berling Media & VD Gleerups Utbildning

The insights and understanding I got about the industrial revolution that is happening in northern Sweden right now is useful on a daily basis in dialogues with customers, colleagues and my network.
Viktor Karlsson

Senior Consultant & Partner, Novare Executive Search

Åsa Steholt

Get to know the program directors

Petra Wigh, Mia Ritsfalk and Lars Häggström lead the Novare North Innovation Tour together.

Petra Wigh, Program Director
Petra is a senior consultant and certified coach working with Novare’s leadership program. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Uppsala University and has extensive experience in leadership and change management from several roles in the telecom industry and from consulting companies. Petra has led and developed several of our tailor-made leadership programs. With a deep interest and expertise in learning, pedagogy, learning design and leadership, Petra is a sought-after consultant for the development of people and organizations.

Lars Häggström, Program Director
Lars is the founder and CEO of Enable Performance AB and Senior Advisor at IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland, focusing on driving large-scale change in global organizations. Lars is a recognized expert in leadership, culture and large-scale change. Previous roles include Chief Human Resources Officer at Stora Enso, Nordea and Gambro. He is also a senior coach for senior managers, focusing on transformation through leadership and culture.

Mia Ritsfalk, Program Director
Mia is a valued senior consultant & facilitator. She has extensive experience in learning & talent development, change and leadership and is responsible for the area of Customized Programs and Solutions at Novare Leadership Academy. As an account manager, Mia drives customized solutions from design, facilitation and implementation.

Practical information

The investment for the Novare North Innovation Tour 2024 is 59,000 SEK excluding VAT. The program fee includes meals/snacks, round-trip flights from Stockholm, and accommodation during the trip to Northern Sweden.

Register for the trip using the registration form below before January 31, 2024. Limited spots available – first come, first served! We will contact you with more information before the program start.

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We are here for you when you have any questions and concerns about the trip. You are very welcome to contact us.

Michele Lind Eriksson Novare Leadership Academy

Mia Ritsfalk

Head of Organisation Development

Philippe Gandet Novare Leadership Academy

Petra Wigh

Head of Leadership Programs