Lana Haddad från Novare Potential intervjuad i Financial Times

Publicerat 2018, 28 november

Lana Haddad arbetar med rekrytering för Novare Potential och blev nyligen intervjuad i Financial Times där hon berättar om sin medverkan i RAMP, ett program som drivs av Handelshögskolan i Stockholm.  Det är ett program som under nio månader ger nyanlända akademier ett snabbspår in i det svenska samhället genom att varva en intensiv managementutbildning med praktik.

Lana Haddad berättar i intervjun om sin resa till ett arbete på Novare Potential genom RAMP:

“The programme taught me how to have self-awareness at work; how to identify a company’s values and match them with my own,” Haddad says. (…) During an internship at the Swedish law firm Delphi, moving between various departments such as marketing and administration, she developed many core business skills by learning on the job. Much of her work was studying competitors and evaluating Delphi’s strengths and weaknesses.

The knowledge was useful, Haddad says, but the networking was key. She recalls how mention of the business school would pique people’s interest. “I was in an elevator with a friend, speaking in Arabic, and I told her I’m studying at Stockholm School of Economics — saying the name in English. Everybody turned around to look at me, I felt like I had said the magic word.”

Through a classmate, Haddad learnt of a recruitment company called Novare Potential that specialises in matching nyanlända (“newcomers”) — a word used for new immigrants in Sweden — with jobs that suit their skills and experiences. She got in touch to apply for a job opening at PwC and so impressed Novare executives that they offered her a job in their own business.

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